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Thursday, April 3, 2008


A week alone...seems like the chance of a lifetime. Mark took the boys to Indiana for their Spring Break (mine was last week). I was looking forward to some down-time and won't say I haven't enjoyed it. But I do miss my guys in a huge way. I am very much missing Mark, which I see as a good thing. I rented a few movies that were duds, worked a lot, and slept a lot. I tried to do something for myself tonight by going down to Chicago to hear Sue Monk Kidd at Loyola University. I've been looking forward to the event for weeks. A friend at school, our school psychologist, was supposed to go down with me, but she had to back out at the last minute. I was sort of counting on her b/c she's driven in Chicago plenty of times, but I decided to be adventurous and head down there alone. I got half-way there and blew a head gasket on the van. By the time I got the van checked in at the dealer and rented a car, it was too late to make the SMK event in Chicago. Only slightly bummed, I drove back to Madison in the driving rain and rented Jetta. Sometimes things just don't work out!

Some exciting news...we're buying a house! We put an offer on a place in the neighborhood where the boys go to school...way below the listed price and they accepted right away. Yes, I believe we are in a buyer's market! If inspections, etc.... all go well, then we'll close on June 23rd. It was nice to find a place in our realistic price range (not what the bank wants to qualify us for) and see that we'll still have money to eat after paying our mortgage. The boys are excited and I am looking forward to calling a place our own and making it look/feel the way we want it to.

That's the update here....nothing deep or grueling to report. Just livin' the life up here....