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Friday, December 19, 2008

It's been too long!

Wow...I hate that I've let this go as I really valued the time I took on here to sort things out that God was doing and hear back from some of you. This has been a busy season with finishing up counseling hours, etc.... but mostly I've felt free and in this space in my walk with God where I've been purely experiencing Him more than writing about it. It seems like I've spent to much time in counseling and training and introspection...I think I sort of pushed away from needing that for awhile. By doing that, I don't want to communicate to my friends that I don't need them! I love connecting at a heart level with those of you who read this.

We had a snow day today and I actually had time to do Christmas cards and even make a blanket. You guys know I dont' make stuff, so this was huge! It was fun to let my creative side come out. I'm not doing much in the way of gifts for Christmas, but I spent about $100 at Joanne's Fabric's 50% off sale and have enough polar fleece to make "tie blankets" for my mom, ken and josh, my 2 neices and 4 nephews! Very fun! I even managed to make a couple of scarves with the scrap material.

We probably have 2 feet of snow on the ground or more and are expecting another 8-10 inches tomorrow. I just hope it stops snowing long enough for our plane to take off to FL on Tuesday! I can't wait to have a reprieve from the frozen tundra, as beautiful as it is.

My heart...I have never felt more fully alive. It's hard to explain. Things I used to struggle with are SO in the past. I don't even have to fight away the thoughts that used to plague me. It has taken awhile to get used to living in this new reality....unsure of it at first, but what freedom! The possibilities are endless! God is asking more of me and it doesn't feel like a burden, but a privilege. We've moved to a church about 30 minutes away, (www.portagechurch.org) and love it. God orchestrated this and called us to moved to a place with a lot of needy people and I am all in! I love what He is doing there so freely in people's lives. The boys love it and that makes my heart smile. Mark is there sometimes, but is happily trotting about the WI countryside doing what he does most days.

Bye for now....

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