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Sunday, July 13, 2008

summer not lazy

such a non-stop summer so far...mark has had one mission team after another in. Great stuff happening there, but many 12-14 hour days for him. i'm teaching summer school 3 mornings a week with 3 elementary-aged autistic/mentally handicapped boys. josh has been coming with and loving it....really enjoying the experience w/ him. ken has had baseball 2 mornings a week, football camp all of this next week, and a class at the middle school to help get adjusted to middle school life. july is millman birthday month, so we've been partying hard on the off-time...took ken to a brewer's game friday w/ one of his buddies and then josh, ken and i went up to osh kosh for "lifest" yesterday...probably too much in one weekend, but we made some good memories and worshipped GOD while we were at it.

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